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Specialized nutrition for felines & breeding in family environments

Professional and family breeding since 2015 of pure Siamese and Bengal cats. Located in Longueuil on the south shore of Montreal.

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Siamese breeding

Being in love with the Siamese breed, we are known for offering healthy kittens that flourish within a breeding that has never neglected the basic principles: love, good care, comfort. All this Still without enclosures or cages.


Foster family and pet therapy

For the well-being of each of our faithful feline companions, we offer families the opportunity to live the most beautiful experience, that of a litter of kittens at home supported by professionals. Here is our recipe for such sociable kittens!


Always passionate about these little felines, we have chosen to make our passion, a breeding offering the best possible quality of life to our cats and kittens.  

We have great respect and a deep attachment to all our cats. We have therefore decided to offer each of our mothers who give birth to kittens their own foster family so that mother and kittens always have people available to spend time with them, in order to ensure all the care necessary for their well-being and to ensure perfect hygiene of their living spaces. So we have extremely socialized kittens with humans (adults and children). Our kittens are all little pots of glue whether they are Bengal or Siamese, it is our way of breeding that shapes their personality and their character!  

We only breed them for a short time, on average we find them a great family when they have reached the age of 5 or 6 years maximum. Which means that there are very few litters in the life of a cat.  

By choosing to trust us and take a kitten with us, you have the guarantee that it has been well raised, well weaned, perfectly socialized, raised in optimal conditions, in an experienced cattery following all the recommendations of our veterinary services or the maintenance of hygiene standards is irreproachable. We ensure a lifelong follow-up of our little ones and are always available in case of problems to help you.

You will also find our food adapted for purebred or domestic cats for optimal health and all cat accessories in the Shop section.  You will be delivered quickly to your door by our delivery services!


Do not hesitate to browse the different sections of our site and to call us for more information.

See you soon!


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Les Nuggets
La boule de papier | Siamois & Moi

Ready to welcome a new member to your family?

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