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Many advantages

Specialized nutrition for felines & breeding in family environments

Ancre E1

bags of food  large format exclusive to breeders

Our grain-free all-stage formula has been specially formulated for pregnant cats and growing kittens will meet high nutritional expectations for a cattery. 

Free starter kit for every adoption

starter kits  offer the following to new adopters  :


  • Handmade toy in Quebec.

  • Good size container (1 LB and a half) of grain-free food for all life stages for cats.

  • High value vouchers.

Free trial kit and delivery to the cattery.

On our first visit, we include a tray of food so that you can carry out your tests before opting for our brand.

In addition, with each order, delivery will be made at home and free of charge.

A food formulated for rearing by breeders.

Our mission is to help breeders by helping each other and by offering a product that meets very high expectations.


A professional breeder is a conscientious breeder of the nutrition of his animals because it goes hand in hand with the health of breeding cats and kittens in the period of growth. We know how difficult it can be to navigate the many choices out there when it comes to quality food for cats.  

Unlike some, we formulated our recipe according to our cats because we were originally Bengal and Siamese cat breeders. For example, the Siamese having a fragile immune system, we have opted for a reinforcement with added L-lysine and a formula reaching a rate of 38% high quality protein.

We are constantly evolving and we always try to offer the best and we listen to the breeders for that!


Please complete this form to receive the benefits of our Professional Breeder Program. You will receive an email confirming your registration and a Passion Félin representative will contact you shortly to determine your eligibility.

Information about the cattery

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