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The reference for sterilized raw meat for dogs and cats in Quebec.

Why introduce your dog to fresh meat?

  • Your pet easily digests raw meat

  • Contributes to good oral hygiene.

  • Recipe composed with fresh meats of exceptional nutritional qualities.

  • Our beef rolls  or chickens are delicious, they will please your pet for sure!

Our fresh meat can be kept at room temperature!

No more complicated than giving kibble, but have the benefits of raw

A raw diet adapted to your pet's natural digestive system will reduce digestion time by up to six times. 4 to 6 hours compared to 18 to 24 hours for kibble.


Our patented manufacturing maintains a high humidity level, the animal hydrates while eating, preserves the vitamins, minerals necessary for good health.


Contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Only 100% natural ingredients.

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Healthy skin, a silky coat and better management of hair loss thanks to a natural food for cats and dogs.


Smaller, firmer and less odorous stools due to full and proper absorption of nutrients.


An effective immune system and healthier teeth. Your dog or cat will have better resistance to viruses, bacteria and parasites.


Optimized and very short-lived digestion. Raw food is adapted to the carnivorous digestive system of cats and dogs.


Better management of your companion's weight and muscle health. Raw meat will help your pet feel fuller. He will have greater energy and better overall health


Ground beef 76.2%, beef offal 10% (liver, heart, lungs, kidney), chicken bone 10% and wheat flour (3.8%, to help maintain the shape of the roll).



  Crude protein 12% min Crude fat 6% min Crude fiber 0.6% max Moisture 67% max



  Metabolizable energy 142 kcal / 100g ca /​​ pH: 2: 1



  Thanks to cold pasteurization which ensures a stable product, a long shelf life and impeccable freshness. The product should be stored at room temperature until opened. Max 25 celcius.


Once opened, the product should be kept in a container and refrigerated. It will stay fresh for 4-5 days in the refrigerator.



  Using the guide printed on the package, cut the number of slices according to the ration for the recommended day. Separate the ration in two (morning and evening).


Chicken or beef , your choice!

As a young, innovative company, we will do our best to introduce you to the benefits of raw meat.


The best way to convince yourself that what you will give to your dog or your cat, is to try it.


The results are so fast, they are amazing!  

Fill out the form to claim a free 400g roll.

We can offer you a free sample and... some tips to get you started!

Vous aimeriez introduire la viande crue à votre chien ou votre chat ?

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